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Fish Tank Canopy

That article is about Fish Tank Canopy. Don’t you just love the ocean? It is one of the most peaceful places on earth and if humans can breath underwater, then surely I would be part of the few who would love to go down and live there. Unfortunately , what we humans have is a pair of lungs that are only good for dry oxygen only. Since we  landlovers love the ocean so much, we can actually have a piece of the ocean right here in our living rooms. Yes, that’s right, a fishtank is our ticket to an everyday ocean serenity experience.

Fish Tank Canopy

Fish tanks look like a big box of glass walls. They are made like that because it enables us to see right through the inside. Looking at fish in a box is actually very soothing. It’s like staring at an endless space where your mind could just wander and be free from the burden’s of life. Having a fish tank is no joke. It requires a lot of patience and responsibility.

You have to clean it every now and then and take care of the fish inside as you would with your other pets. Part of maintaining fish life is adding a canopy over it. A canopy is a covering over the fish tank which primarily prevents the water inside from evaporating into thin air.

Not only do canopies prevent evaporation but they also protect the fish from anything that might get inside the water which could potentially disturb their delicate balance. It is also a means to keep fish inside the tank as some fish have the ability to jump out of the water. Having a canopy over the tank can also provide a certain amount of comfort to the fish inside.

There are several ways to get creative with the canopy. You can design the canopy into anything you like. Since the fish tank can be considered a home decoration, you can design the canopy to have the same color as your walls so that it would have the illusion of blending in with the room. You also have to think of the material you want your canopy to be made out of.  Lightweight type of material should be included in the criteria and it could either be transparent or opaque. Several types of materials would be glass, acrylic, and fiber glass.

Fishtanks, when placed in the dark, may not be visually appealing as they are not visible. This is why canopies are the best way to attach lighting unto. Having lighting on the canopy is good but you should take into consideration the amount of light you put in. Too much light would mean rapid photosynthesis causing algae to bloom  which results in a cloudy fish tank.

However you may want your canopy to be, it is all up to you. As long as the canopy would serve it’s purpose, then any canopy would fit in just right. We kind of owe it to ocean to give these fish some special treatment since we kept them away from home.

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