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When it comes to Filters there are a few guidelines you might want to consider. A fish tank filter, is probably the most important part of any fish tank set up. It keeps the water in the tank from stagnating, and removes physical and soluble chemical waste products from aquaria simplifying maintenance. Furthermore, fish tank filters are necessary to support life as aquaria are relatively small, closed volumes of water compared to the natural environment of most fish.


Fish tanks primarily need mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. They help remove the free floating particles and dissolved wastes from the aquarium water, and encourage growth of good bacteria.

Some of the popular fish tank filters include Bio Wheel filters, Sponge filters, Internal filters, Power filters and Fluidized Bed filters.

Bio Wheel filters and Power filters are the most popular ways to filter fish tanks. They have a simple setup and are easy to maintain. Marineland Aquarium filter models like the Penguin 305b and Emperor 400 are among the most sought after Bio Wheel filter models. Whisper filters, Marineland Filters, and AquaClear are the preferred power filter models.

A Sponge filter builds up the tank’s bacteria levels faster. It is a great way to filter tanks with small fish, as they cannot get sucked into the sponge. However, they do not have the filtering power needed to keep larger tanks clean. Lee and Lustar Hydro Sponge filters are popular sponge filters currently available.

As the name suggests, Internal filters are submersed into the fish tank and do all the filtration from inside. They are ideal for aquariums that are limited on space around the tank. While the Fluval 4 Plus and Whisper series are the most popular models, Duetto, Microclean, and Clearfree models also provide good service.

Fluidized Bed filters are the best choice for aquariums supporting a large amount of plant life. They are designed in a way to prevent the wastage of CO2 during the filtration process. This allows the plants to stay healthy and look great without additives. Rainbow FB300, FB600, and FB900 Fluidized Bed filters are the preferred models.

Fish tank filters will ensure a healthier environment for your beautiful pets and in turn will guarantee their health. The cost of a fish tank filter depends on the tank size. A 20 gallon filter costs about 20 dollars. Usually, they are available within 100 dollars, while the more sophisticated ones can cost upwards of 200 dollars.

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