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Discus Fish Food and Diet

The article gives you some information on Discus Fish Food and Diet. So what is the best discus food? Below you will find some discus fish food examples.

Discus Fish Food and Diet

Fish Flakes

Almost any types of fish flakes are feasible to use as part of their diet. Make sure you stick to a top brand, as good quality control is necessary. Discus fish like better to be fed mid water to bottom levels, in this case it is better to soak the flakes then squeeze out excess water prior to feeding them.


This discus fish food is one of their favorites. They should be restricted to one feed daily and it is best to use frozen and irradiated bloodworms as this lessens the chance of them having parasites in them.

Brine Shrimp

Discus Fish love brine shrimp, they also contain vital vitamins and minerals that enhance their color and keeps them in a good condition. Make sure you thaw and rinse them before feeding.

Granules and Freeze Dried

These are a good all-round Discus fish food. Once again stick to the top makes to ensure good quality control as the slightest difference may affect their eating. As well as this, cheaper brands can cause bloating and constipation as they absorb water and enlarge after the fish have eaten them.

Which Discus fish food should you avoid?

Beef heart or pork heart should be avoided. Often used to promote good coloration and rapid growth it has been found that they cause problems because of the high mammalian protein. You should also avoid using live foods given that the health risk associated with using them far exceeds any benefits.

General Discus fish food feeding tips

It’s better to feed too little discus fish food than too much. Discus fish are notoriously slow eaters that will graze and pick at their food. Just put in enough food to last no more than ten minutes of feeding. Just be careful not to overfeed them as them as this will affect the water condition.

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