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Discus Fish Aquarium Water Change

It is important that periodically you perform a discus fish aquarium water change. As a matter of fact this fish tank maintenance should be performed regularly for any type of tropical fish. All tropical fish aquariums, especially discus fish aquariums, require regular water changes. Apart from this a clean fish tank looks good. An aquarium water change removes stale water from the discus fish aquarium and replaces it with fresh water. Discus fish like clean water in their aquarium in order to stay healthy, after all their natural environment provides this in running streams.

Discus Fish Aquarium Water Change

Even if you have a filter they still don’t remove all impurities from the aquarium water. It is also important that you do not use chemical or carbon in your aquarium filters, as they tend to hold harmful substances. Use carbon filters only for a short time to remove toxins from the aquarium water. They should then be removed and thrown away.

So how often should you perform a discus fish aquarium water change? It is recommended that you do one at least once a week. The aquarium water changes frequency should change if you are rearing fish or if the water quality tests bad.

Many things affect the water quality in a discus fishaquarium. A filter produces nitrates during the nitrification process. This will affect growth, color and overall development of the discus fish. The aquarium water change removes nitrates and other impurities, and promotes healthy and vital fish. It is possible that a discus fish aquarium water change may be required more frequently especially if young fish are being reared. It may be worthwhile obtaining a drain and fill system from your local pet shop.

You should constantly test your discus fish aquarium water. You need kits to test, ammonia, nitrate, Ph Nitrate and the alkalinity of the water. You will also need conditioners to neutralize the chlorine that may be in tap water when performing an aquarium water change. The conditioner should also be able to handle high ammonia levels. Always add the water conditioner before the tap water.

If you find that the ph level is too high use some Ph reducer but make sure you dilute it first and never add unless the discus fish aquarium is full.

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