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Convict Cichlid

In the article I’m going to tell you about Convict Cichlid. Convict cichlids (AKA zebra cichlids) are probably one of the best choices for “beginner cichlid enthusiasts”. They’re fairly easy to keep healthy and just as easy to breed.

Convict Cichlid

One reason convicts are a good “beginner cichlid” is because of how well they adapt to different tanks. They’re very hardy and aren’t too picky when it comes to water quality.

As you probably could tell by the picture, convicts get their name because of their black-striped coloring.

As you can see from the profile above, they’re considered to be aggressive fish. Be careful when choosing their tankmates. Smaller, or timid, fish won’t do so well with these guys. Instead, pair them up with fish bigger than them or faster than them.

Like I mentioned earlier, convict cichlids are probably one of the easiest cichlids to breed. If breeding is what you’re after, I suggest just keeping a pair of convicts together in a tank all by themselves. Without the distraction of other fish your convicts will feel less stress and will breed at a much faster pace.

But don’t worry, even if you have other fish in the same tank as your pair of “soon-to-be-breeding” convicts, they’ll pick out a nest and protect it with their life. Remember… these fish are aggressive.

So, what do they eat? Well, just about anything you want to give them. They’re not picky. Another reason they’re such a great choice for first-time cichlid owners. They do well with pellets, flakes and plants. In fact, be careful when planting live plants. They WILL eat them. There are few plants that will survive the wrath of convicts though… Amazonian Sword plants and Java Fern plants.

That’s the basics of the convict cichlid. I’d love to hear about your convicts… leave a comment below and let me know any tips, tricks or secrets you’ve discovered about raising them.

  1. wolfman Jenkins says:

    I have a male green sunfish named Jeremy and a beatup firemouth cichlid and 1 single male pink convict cichlid named mr.rodgers Jeremy is the boss i will be getting him a female in the spring. mr.rodgers is always jealous/envyous they fight all the time my tank is called sunfish city Jeremy is the boss. mr.rodgers the single grumpy neighbor.

  2. wolfman Jenkins says:

    My tank is called sunfish city cause my geen sunfish Jeremy will have his girl and the male pink convict cichlid mr.Rodgers will not. Jeremy will stunt his woman around while mr.rodgers goes crazy with envy.

  3. wolfman Jenkins says:

    My sunfish Jeremy has died.I plan on getting cichlids now for the other tank.

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