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Comet Goldfish

Proper Care of Comet Goldfish. Of the more than twenty varieties of goldfish that exist, Comet goldfish are one of the most common types. They look very similar to the common goldfish, but are easy to tell apart if you have a good eye. This fish is also called the comet-tail goldfish. That name is a reference to the fact that the fish has one single tail fin.

Comet Goldfish
While some goldfish are not very active, the Comet goldfish is quite the little mover and shaker.  In fact, he may spend a good part of the day swimming from one end of the tank to the other. This is one of the reasons that some hobbyists enjoy keeping this fish particular fish in their freshwater tanks.

There are many farms that deal with Comet goldfish. They are bred not only to be pets, but more commonly for use as bait and to be feeder fish for larger aquarium fish. Of course, animal rights activists are troubled by this, but there is little that can be done about it.

This is often the fish that you see being awarded as a prize at a carnival. While many carnival fish often die within a day or two of being brought home, that is a testament to their treatment while at the carnival rather than to the fish.

The fact is that Comet goldfish make a great choice for someone who is just starting in the hobby of keeping a freshwater aquarium. They need very little care and are pretty easy to keep alive. As long as they are fed each day, they typically thrive.

Flake food is enough to keep them alive, but you should also feed brine shrimp several times a week. The freeze dried type are perfect for Comet goldfish.

The tank size is another consideration and, of course, the size that you need depends on the number of fish you plan to keep. The fish should never be crowded. If you are unsure what size tank you need to best accommodate a specific number of fish, you can ask the experts at your local aquarium supply store.

Of course, the water will also need proper filtration. If you buy a good quality filter, there is very little maintenance needed to keep it functioning properly. If you want the best water quality possible, you should remove about one third of the water and replace it with fresh water a couple of times a month. Some find that step is not needed with excellent filters, but it is an option to consider.

While ideal for a freshwater tank, these fish also do well in tropical tanks as long as the conditions are right and they are not placed with any aggressive tank mates.

Ideally, the Comet goldfish will not be alone in a tank. They are community fish and do best in groups. Consider purchasing several young fish together and raising them in the tank. Of course, in many cases the fish will breed and will keep a supply of fish of all ages in your tank.

Comet goldfish are a fun and easy hobby that costs far less than keeping some other types of fish. Start your aquarium today and you will get years of enjoyment from it.

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