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Cold Fresh Water Aquarium Fish

In the article I’m going to tell you about Cold Fresh Water Aquarium Fish. The Fresh Water Aquarium Fish like the Common Goldfish are very popular and about every living person know of their existence.

Cold Fresh Water Aquarium Fish

As a reminder again, when we talk about cold water (usually without a heating device) species of fish, we mean for 10°C (50°F) – 22°C (72°F) water temperature.

Learn interesting information and join us in exploring them and choose the fish most suitable to your liking for your Aquarium. Don’t have an Aquarium yet?. See our freshwater Aquarium setup section to get you going.

Be cautious though for it is easy to let the colours and strange shapes of fancy Goldfish influence your choice as illustrated in the photos on this page.

It is most important to consider the future welfare of the fish first when selecting aquarium fish. If you are a beginner we would suggest choosing only hardier varieties, such as the common Goldfish, Fantail goldfish, Comet or small Shubunkins as fresh water species.

The following section describes the origin and some background of the most popular varieties of types of Goldfish. The entries given on individual species as futher on this page are indications as to compatibility, food requirements, water requirements, preferred habitat and water temperature range.

Fish are extremely adaptable to environments and therefor a lot of aquarists will most of the time differ on especially temperature figures at which they maintain a particular species.

Fancy tailed goldfish and Goldfish facts are recommended reading pages to give more indepth understanding of the fresh water goldfish, and highlighting one of the beautifull types that are available today. We will get you started on one of these aquariums in no time by following our valued setting up a new aquarium advice for aquarium fish living in cold fresh water.

Goldfish are available in over 100 different varieties. The features which distinguish them, such as coloration, body shape, finnage and the size and shape of the eyes, are the result of many years of selective aquarium fish breeding.

Herewith a listing with valuable information to some of the Goldfish cold Fresh Water Aquarium Fish species that is popular:

  1. Black Moor goldfish
  2. Bubble-eyed goldfish
  3. Celestial goldfish
  4. Comet goldfish
  5. Common goldfish
  6. Curled-gill goldfish
  7. Egg-fish goldfish
  8. Fantail goldfish
  9. Jikin (Butterfly) goldfish
  10. Lionchu goldfish
  11. Lionhead goldfish
  12. Meteor goldfish
  13. Oranda goldfish
  14. Panda goldfish
  15. Pearlscale goldfish
  16. Pompon goldfish
  17. Ranchu goldfish
  18. Ryukin goldfish
  19. Shubunkin goldfish
  20. Tancho Singletail goldfish
  21. Telescope-eyed (Demekin) goldfish
  22. The Toadhead (Hama-Tou) goldfish
  23. Tosakin (Peacock Tail) goldfish
  24. Veiltail goldfish
  25. Wakin goldfish

This is just a few that is standing out, but many variations are available in combinations of those listed here.
For a more detailed discussion on goldfish feeding and goldfish diseases, please read these linked pages.

Other species like Sticklebacks and Sunfishes are also frequently found cold fresh water aquarium fish that will surely make interesting reading to the aquarist.

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