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Choosing Your Aquarium Freshwater Fish

Choosing your aquarium freshwater fish and creating the perfect environment for, what will become a multitude of healthy and happy fish, can be very exciting once you make a start. However, you will need to take the time to select the right group of fish to fill your freshwater aquarium. The reality is that not all fish are meant to be together. There really is a process to making the right choice.

Choosing Your Aquarium Freshwater Fish

There are many species to choose from, from the extremely active entertainers to those who are brightly and vibrantly coloured. Whatever you have in mind – angelfish, cichlids, tetra, gourami or goldfish, you will need to take the time to make sure that you get the right fit.

Selecting fish that can successfully co-habitat together will take a certain amount of consideration. Ensure that you do your research before purchasing any freshwater fish so that you minimize complications that may result at a later stage.

First – Do the Research

A great way to easily learn about what you need in terms of choosing aquarium freshwater fish is to discuss your ideas with a knowledgeable staff member at a store that sells tropical fish and supplies. Do not hesitate to ask questions when purchasing fish for your tank.

The following are some examples of questions that you can ask relating to aquarium freshwater fish care:

*Do they require an open or populated environment?

*What is the appropriate pH level for the water in these aquariums?

*Do these fish co-habitat well with others?

*What type of feeders are they? Ex: Are they bottom feeders?

*What are the space requirements for these fish?

*What is the appropriate water temperature for these fish?

Having in excess of one particular species in an aquarium setup can cause many issues. Therefore, you will want to make sure that the fish you place together will be compatible with each other.

Unfortunately just reading a list of the different species of fish that are available will not help much when it comes to making a decision. Instead, employ a different approach and consider the various fish profiles to help you in choosing aquarium freshwater fish. By going to a pet’s store that offers a wide variety of fish, and look at what they have to offer, you will soon start to develop your expertise.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in the first store, visit more than one store. Make notes to yourself about the types and breeds that you happen to like. Make notes of which ones can successfully live together in the same tank. Then, at home research and study the information for yourself until you are satisfied that what you are considering is the right match.

Consider Feeding Habits

Different fish have different feeding habits. You will want to make sure when choosing different aquarium freshwater fish that you don’t mix aggressive top feeders with bottom feeders. This is because the bottom feeders will likely never get any food in this type of situation. Choosing those that have similar feeding habits will help ensure that they can all lead harmonious and healthy lives.

Whether you want to think of the possibility or not, there are situations where fish will eat each other. You can avoid this by providing them with a food source if you happen to be away on vacation, or by having someone trustworthy feed them for you.

Fish With Aggression Issues

There are other issues to consider when choosing aquarium freshwater fish, such as pairing aggressive types with smaller, less defenceless ones. Those that possess fins that are long and flowing are often a target for attack by more aggressive fish. The best idea is to choose those that have similar aggression levels to co-habitat.

Male fish tend to be much more aggressive than females. If you choose to have a more aggressive species in your tank, avoid pairing males. Keeping the ratio to one male to several females is your best option. In addition, colour can also have an effect on aggression.

Avoid This Common Mistake

While it may seem appealing to choose the most exotic species for your single tank, it actually is a bad idea to do so. Don’t choose fish based on their looks. Instead, ensure that you have the facts about which fishes can be housed together successfully, and those that cannot. If you don’t, you will most likely have all kinds of issues arise. So, avoid complications and educate yourself on your best options. If you don’t know, ask a professional for the information that you need or invest in a good guide on the subject of aquarium freshwater fish.

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