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Choosing The Best Fish Tank Filter For Your Tank

The following article is about Choosing The Best Fish Tank Filter For Your Tank. There is no doubt that a filtering system is the most important thing you need for a fish aquarium, whether it is a freshwater or saltwater tank, but most people give it very little attention. This can be a fatal mistake that cost you your fishes, so learn all you can about filtering your fish tank properly.

Choosing The Best Fish Tank Filter For Your Tank

Because an aquarium is an enclosed eco-system, it cannot balance itself out like in nature, where the large bodies of water can balance the chemical concentration and pH levels that make it perfect for aquatic life to live and breed.

Before buying a filter, you need to take into consideration, the price of the filter, the amount of maintenance you will be able to perform with it and the type of fishes you will have in your aquarium.  It is actually better to go with a more pricy filter such as the canister filter because you can go for extended periods of time without having to do water changes, they require very little maintenance and provide very good filtration.

Less costly filters like sponge or corner filters, require much more maintenance and cleaning and do not perform as good filtration as the more expensive canister types.

Under gravel filters require you to vacuum the gravel, frequently and are not a good choice, if you have heavy bio-load fishes. You will need to research the kinds of fish you have or want as the Canister filters can be too strong for some fish species and you certainly don`t want to suck your fishes into to suction inlet.

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