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Breeding Betta Fish

Breeding betta fish is a unique process and it might confuse new owners at first. When betta fish begin to breed or start their courtship, you might notice what looks like the male and the female having a battle to the death. You’ll notice the two wrapping around each other in what looks like a painful brawl but that’s just their process.

Breeding Betta Fish

First, you have to figure out for what purpose are you breeding betta fish? Are you looking to become a supplier and seller of betta fish, are you looking to breed them for a show or are you just looking to combine two characteristics of genetics together?

Next, you’ll need the tank setup and the space necessary to start breeding them. You’ll need to have two tanks setup for both the male and the female before you put them together. Also, you need to make sure you’ve cycled the water for both tanks.

Next, you’ll need to obtain the pair and get them ready for breeding. For the best chance of success, you’ll want a young pair as this will give you the highest success rate. Beware that most betta fish in pet stores are too old to breed and are usually halfway through their life span.

Next, you’ll want to allow your betta fish weeks at least to settle into the new environment because if you introduce them right away, there’s a very low chance that they’ll take kindly to each other. The breeding tank should be a 10 gallon tank and should have a divider inside to separate the two. There should be a heater inside and the temperature should be set to 80 degrees. Make sure there’s no substrate on the bottom of the tank or eggs will be lost and only add 6 inches of water in the breeding tank.

Live food should be when they are ready to start breeding. Frozen food could be used as a substitute but the best chance for success is usually with live food.

Then, it’s time to introduce the pair and you need to watch their behavior closely. Sometimes, bettas just won’t be interested in each other. You should see the male actively displaying his fins and flaring up, which is a good sign. If they begin to attack each other, separate them and try at a later date or try other bettas.

It doesn’t always work out as planned. Let nature take its own course and try to give them the best habitat you can for the best chances of success.

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