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Betta Fish Tank Mates

The article gives a detailed analysis of Betta Fish Tank Mates. While it’s true betta fish are highly territorial there are actually some compatible betta tank mates out there. You need to find mates that aren’t threatening and don’t resemble anything close to the betta fish if you want the best chance of survival. We’ll go over some of the compatible mates.

Betta Fish Tank Mates

Here are some general rules and guidelines to go by when picking compatible tank mates.

  1. Make sure the mate doesn’t resemble the same color or a rival beta’s color.
  2. Do not put tiger barbs in the same tank.
  3. You need to find the proper size of the tank for the pet you’re buying. Some animals will quickly outgrow a betta’s natural 3-5 gallon tank.
  4. The water will roughly be at room temperature so you need to find a pet that also lives in the same water conditions.


African Dwarf Frogs

These pets are highly compatible with betta fish because they don’t present a danger and they produce very little waste. The only concern is feeding them in the same enclosure since the African dwarf frog isn’t a great swimmer and it’s not uncommon for the betta fish to steal their food.


Most species of snails are usually safe with betas because they have a hard shell that protects them from curious bettas or overly aggressive betas as well. The best type of snail to put in a betta fish tank is the Apple snail. However, an Apple snail can grow up to the size of a softball so a 2.5 gallon tank might not be compatible. Make sure never to pour any medicine in the tank containing copper as it’ll present a risk to snails.


People have had success putting loaches with betta fish but be warned, these pets can grow up to 16 inches.

Other but questionable betta tank mates include the white cloud mountain minnow, the otocinclus catfish, the corie catfish and red cherry shrimp. Other people have successfully kept other breeds of pets in the same vicinity but it’s not recommended unless you’re experienced.

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