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Best Types of Aquarium Filters

The article gives you some information on Best Types of Aquarium Filters. There are many types of aquarium filters on the market. To be sure that your aquarium is running at full capacity, you need the right filter. Which one you get depends on the type of aquarium you have and the size of it.

Best Types of Aquarium Filters

The first thing you need to do is to learn about what most people put into tanks similar to the one that you are creating. You certainly don’t want to reinvent the wheel, since a mistake with the filter could spell disaster for your fish and anything else living in the aquarium. There are many places where you can get a lot of good pointers on the type of filter that is best for your aquarium.

If you have a small tank, you actually have more options, since there are many filters that can handle a small amount of water. Large tanks require more powerful and complex filters. But no matter what size aquarium you have, you need to choose the filter carefully.

One of the most basic types of filter is the under-gravel filter. While these are cheap and easy to set up, they are not very effective, and probably are not the best option.

Power filters are common, and there are a couple different types. Power filters usually have a sponge or something similar inside, so they act as both a mechanical filter, straining solid particles out of the water, and as a biological filter. Bacteria colonize in the filter and change toxic chemicals into less harmful substances. You can get power filters that sit inside your tank, as well as ones that attach to the back, which as more attractive.

Canister filters and wet/dry filters are very popular with aquarium enthusiasts. This is because both of them are very effective. Both use mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration methods in sequence to give the water the best cleaning possible. The only drawbacks to these aquarium filters are that they are large and expensive. If you have a large tank or expensive fish, they are well worth it. However, they need a cabinet all their own. The upside to these filters is that along with doing their job extremely well, they are also easy to access and clean.

There are some other types of filters as well, and only researching them will let you know whether they might be right for your tank.

When you are choosing a filter, think about what kind of current your fish need. All tanks will have some kind of current caused by the filter, but some aquarium filters cause a lot of current. If you only have a small tank full of little fish, you do not want a lot of current. This will cause your fish to hide and not come out. On the other hand, if you have a large tank, you might want a good current running through it.

Some aquarium filters are adjustable, so you can carefully choose the current that you want. Many of the large filtering systems and those for saltwater tanks have this adjustability.

By spending some time to choose the perfect filter, you are more likely to be happy with it for a long time. Make sure that you get one that is made by a good company, and you probably won’t have any problems with it.

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