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Are Plants For Aquarium Really That Necessary?

The article concerns the following question Are Plants For Aquarium Really That Necessary? Do fish in an fish tank benefit from having plants for aquarium or are they just a waste of space?  Just looking at the difference between fish that live in a tank that has plants for aquarium and fish that live in a tank that does not will show you a remarkable difference.  Generally, in fish tanks that do have plants for aquarium, the fish have brighter colors, are more vibrant and energetic and breed better.

Are Plants For Aquarium Really That Necessary

Plants For Aquarium

So this is proof that not only does aquarium plants beautify that fish tank, but they also increase the quality of life in the water.  But what is it about plants for aquarium that creates such an ideal environment?

Key benefits of plants for aquarium

Firstly there is the fact that plants consume CO2 and exhale Oxygen when performing photosynthesis during the day.  This increases the level of oxygen in the water and keeps the water healthy by reducing the CO2 levels.  It is true that at night, the CO2 levels will increase but not so much that they become detrimental to the fish’s health.

Secondly,  the plants provide natural shelter for the fish to swim around, hide and breed.  The shelter that plants provide reduces the stress levels of the fish, which increases their quality of life.

Thirdly, plant life also acts as a natural chemical filter absorbing minor toxins from the water.  While they will never be a replacement for a natural filter, they do however provide sufficient filtration to create a good living environment.

Plants For Aquarium Downside

But there is also some downside to having aquatic plants.  These include decay when the leaves of the plants shrivel and sink to the bottom.  These need to been clean as soon as possible or they will polute the tank.  There is also the consideration that live plants can sometimes carry outside pests such as snails, parasites and bacteria.  Plus the fact that if you have too many plants in the tank, it will make it difficult to clean it.

But when you way the benefits against the disadvantages, it is always better to have live plants.

Plants that are sold in the local pet stores are very easy to plant.  All you need to do is push the root system gently into the substrate or gravel at the bottom of the tank.  The plants are usually weight down so that they do not move about.  You will also be able to purchase floating plants which are extremely good for thanks with small fry, which love to stay under these plants.

Here’s a list of some of the more famous plants for aquarium that you could consider

Amazon Sword

These are tall slender plants that require good lighting and water temperature of about  30 degrees Celsius.

Anubias Angustifolia

A pretty plant with narrow leaves.  A relatively easy plant to grow that does not spread too fast and has low maintenance needs.


Another easy plant to grow.  It has long slender stems with small round leaves in pairs all along its stem.  You could easily trim the longer stems and replant them so they make a good investment.


Don’t confuse this with the vine that grows in your garden.  It has large oaky leaves that also benefits by preventing the growth of algae in your tank through the absorption of the nutrient that algae needs to grow.

Java Moss

True to its name, it does look so much like moss.  A hardy plant that requires very little light and can tolerate most temperatures and environments.

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