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Aquatic pond plants

In the article I’m going to tell you about Aquatic pond plants. Pond plants can be that special part of your water feature that really makes everyone say wow. They provide that extra color and depth that makes for that wow factor. Pond plants are not just beautiful, but they filter and oxygenate the water to maintain a healthy ecosystem for fish. Even putting vegetation out of the water can provide a shady spot for the fish.

Aquatic pond plants

There are many types to choose from, not all are created equal. They grow at many different rates, some are tall, some are short, some float, some need to be submersed. The point we are trying to make is doing a little research can make the selection process a bit easier. You will prevent getting pond plants that grow in a way you are not expecting.

Water Hyacinth pond plants are some of the fastest growing and great water filters out there. They float on the water, there roots hang freely in the water. Koi love to nibble on these roots, they provide a supplemental food source, koi can over nibble and hurt the plants so it’s a good idea to keep some in a place where the fish can’t go so you can replace them. Be careful thow these can quickly take over.

Water lilies

Water lilies have become very exquisite water plants, there are two distinct types. The hardy water lily and tropical water lily, lilies live in fresh water areas in temperate and tropical climates. While hardy lilies can withstand all climates, tropical ones can’t, they need special care in colder climates. Lilies are a frogs best friend, if you have frogs in your pond you will frequently see them around them.

They are great for the pond water as they utilize waterborn nutrients and provide shade, they also filter the water from the extreme daytime heat. There are 70 species of lily around the world, with 35 species in the northern hemisphere. The water lily is an extravagant perennial, in our opinion they have the most beautiful booms.

Bog plants

The bog plant or marginal plant, this is the types of vegetation that you usually see at the edge of a pond or water way in the shallows and wet sloppy mud. They consist of Grass and Reeds, Iris, Rushes, Hardy Flowering, Arrowheads and many more. Pond plants like these are planted in heavy garden soil with gravel on the surface, being careful not to cover the crown.The gravel should be heavy enough, koi are a curious fish and will make a mess of a potted plant if given the opportunity.

These pond plants grow in soil, but there vegetation grows under water and are mainly used for oxygenating the water. They compete with algae for nutrients keeping the water clean and clear. You can plant these in a heavy soil, but if you have fish in your pond it is recommended that you cultivate them in gravel. In our opinion we feel that submerged pond plants are a great way to avoid having to use chemicals, which is a no no if you want to be organic.

Pond plants are one of the most important parts of keep a happy healthy ecosystem. Plus they could also keep us as human beings very happy and healthy as well. Especially when pond plants do there job and keep maintenance to a minimum.

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