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A Pond Made for a Koi Fish

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A Pond Made for a Koi Fish

Pond Fish Koi

Every pet shop that you enter, you are bound to run into a pond fish koi. It is available often times because of its variety of looks.

You might have seen a multi-colored 2-foot fish swimming in a big pond and you were mesmerized when you actually seen it in front of you as you fed it with pellets. When such a type comes into view, you witness the large colorful fish and you might find yourself thinking of having one like it.

The Koi fish came from domestic variety of common carps and are also called Japanese carp. For Japanese, Koi symbolizes love and friendship and are used for decorative purposes. Due to its colorful assets many people want to have it on their backyard. Having these creatures should be properly planned. Like a house, a pond should be well-thought because Koi have requirements that should be met before they can give satisfaction to their owners. They can survive in very low temperature as long as the water is not solidified but they are extremely vulnerable in warm seasons.

Before you do the digging, you have to choose how you want your pond to look like by selecting its shape, area measurements, etc. Allocated budget for maintenance, available space, and owner’s eagerness to push through with this project should be taken into consideration. Building a Koi pond can be as unique as it can be depending on the owner’s enthusiasm in making it personalized.

Pond Fish Koi

The size of the pond, aeration provided, and water’s quality affects the growth of a Koi. The bigger and deeper the area is, more favorable for them. It should contain 2,000 gallons or more. Other fishes can also be added in the pond because Koi’s are nonviolent fish.

It is important to monitor the composition of your pond. Chlorine is not good for a Koi so it must not be included in the water’s content. Waste materials and other debris are usually found in ponds, they may be poisonous to Koi. Skimmers can help get rid of theses wastes and it is best done 10-15 minutes after feeding.

Aquatic plants can be included in the pond. Koi’s would lay their eggs on these plants and it can also serve as hideout for a small Koi if they sense a predator like raccoons, turtles, cat, and even ducks. It is necessary to separate other fish when Koi starts to lay eggs and placing a net would keep them from predators.

Koi ponds need regular cleaning and maintenance. Water must be changed but not drastically. 10-20 percent of the total amount of water will do. It will make the water fresh and it will prevent organic buildup. Sterilizers, water pumps, and filtration system are needed to give the Koi a suitable environment to grow. Heaters are also on the list and it will be used during cold seasons. Though they can survive, Japanese carps cannot eat in low temperature which may affect their growth.

It is advisable to consult Koi experts or join clubs that would help you achieve your desired Koi pond.

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