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User Reviews on Discus Fish

This article tells you about User Reviews on Discus Fish. Discus fish are significantly more readily available than ever seeing that the saltwater tank became so trendy. And while all tropical fish are stunning, the vivid colors of discus fish has enticed countless a freshwater enthusiast to switch to a saltwater tank. The vast array of colors on the discus fish nowadays make the added function on a saltwater tank well really worth the effort.

User Reviews on Discus Fish

What is a treatment for Discus fish that have parasites?

i have a 65 gallon tank with 6 discus fish. 2 of which have a parasite that is making them thin. I have tried “garlic treatments” but it hasn’t worked. Any thoughts or suggestions??

Diagnosing Discus is extremely difficult. THere could be a number of other things from water quality, to bullying, and the symtoms would be what you describe.

Generally you should quarantine them. Put them in a very warm tank (92 – 93 degrees) with extremely clean water (Ideally 50% water change per day, with RO or de-clorinated and exact same PH water). Add aquarium salt at a rate of 1 Tbsp per 5 gallons.

You need to treat them with metronidazole and praziquantel. It is important to treat them with both of these medications. Treat with the metronidazole first, and then the praziquantel. You may need to repeat more than one round of the two.

If you can’t quarantine them, do this to your entire tank. May not be a bad idea since your other fish are exposed to whatever it is. Both of these medications are fairly safe, so it’s not a danger to your other fish, plants, or your filters. If you crank the temp, make sure the fish are getting enough oxygen. As temp goes up, water can’t hold dissolved oxygen. If the fish start gasping near the surface, turn the temp down. Keep it as high as possible though.

How can you get discus fish shipped to you? By buying over the internet stores. Via the internet stores are all more than the world wide web right now and also you have almost certainly heard from the huge ones like eBay and Amazon. Consumers around the globe purchase their discus fish internet and are guaranteed for the fish to arrive alive and in fine wellbeing.Selecting the proper tank to purchase is as easy as finding your discus fish. The perfect way to get the proper tank, discus fish, and all the equipment you will need is always to shop web based. Everything you’ll need is proper in front of you and you can simply shop with just a handful of clicks of your laptop mouse.

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On the commercial industry you will get about 40 species of discus fish, nonetheless one can find a good deal a whole lot more that do not locate their way into your aquarium. If you obtain your marine fish , make certain and examine the fish compatibility chart 1st. You are able to identify these on the web highly conveniently. You don’t need to shell out loads of income obtaining discus fish only to have them not be compatible. discus fish might be situated and purchased internet with ease.

If you ever like taking a look at all the photos, seeing dimensions, and reviews all in one place, then shopping for discus fish internet is going to be the ideal selection for you personally.For significantly more experienced most people anything like the ‘Clear-for-Life Rectangle 30 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium’ may well suit them superior. The price tag runs around $249.99 however it is worth each and every cent. If you invest in a tank made out of acrylic you realize you’ve a strong tank that could last.

10 Most Rare Freshwater Aquarium Fish?

In your opinion what are the to 10 most rare Cichlids, Discus, Tropical fish?

you can find all these answers on the net… google.com -ask.com etc….

discus fish also are less stressed in a tank that is larger. The size makes it simpler for them to hide from a great deal more aggressive fish. Fish sort of have territories, like a dog or cat, so obtaining a whole lot more space makes for healthier and happier fish.Commence your search for your to begin with discus fishs and equipment at this time by hunting 1st over the internet. You might be glad you did, especially if you see that you saved money.

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